The art of Acupuncture has been developed over the last 6,000 years, primarily by the Chinese. It encompasses in its philosophy the whole picture of Man as an integral part of his environment.

Acupuncture entails the detailed assessment of the energy flows within the body, and how they may be affected from within and without. As its name suggests, needles are commonly used which puncture the skin, and act as terminals to promote a smooth bio-electrical energy flow.

Acupuncture points are very specific, and have particular functions. They can be treated using traditional needles, or heat, massage or electrical stimulation.

Born from a culture alien to western concepts of medicine, and even physiology, acupuncture has its own very picturesque and poetical language and imagery. Only in recent times has it been translated into French, then English and other non-oriental languages. Accurate translation in itself posed many challenges.

Oriental medicine suddenly gained credibility in the West when President Nixon made his historic visit to China in 1970. Some of his staff were successfully treated with acupuncture, and this led to a rapid expansion of interest in the West.

Ralph McCutcheon has been practising acupuncture since 1973, and still finds his western mind being surprised by the amazing results that can be achieved from inserting a few little needles in the right places!  He uses Applied Kinesiology to back up theoretical choice of points, which ensures accuracy (see page on AK).

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