We use a style of classical osteopathy which combines both the art and science of osteopathy in a holistic approach to total health. We add up to the minute chiropractic and kinesiology techniques to improve our effectiveness and give really fast results.

A.T. Still, in the late 1800’s coined the term Osteopathy to describe has philosophy and methods of treating the body by improving the environment of the blood vessels and nerves, particularly where associated with the spine. This approach has stood the test of time , with many thousands of osteopaths now working across the globe, using the now updated and refined methods of Dr Still.

Organic and emotional/psychological problems can respond to the all round osteopathic approach, which treats the person as a whole composed of totally interdependent parts. When one part of the body is out of balance every other part knows about it and adapts.

Osteopathic treatment is ‘hands on’. The body is assessed visually, then by palpation and range of movement. Treatment involves rhythmical movements of structures and quite often ‘adjustments’ of the joints.

Adjustments are specific corrections made to joints to improve their function and to stimulate normal action of the surrounding tissues. These often cause a cracking sound, as when you crack your fingers. However, the procedure is not painful, and is only the noise of a vacuum being broken as joint surfaces are suddenly separated. (The same noise that would happen if you pulled a rubber sucker off a window).

At our Holywood clinic we use Osteopathy as an essential part of our holistic approach to healing. In addition, we use Cranial Osteopathy, which is a way of diagnosing and treating stress patterns within the actual bones and sutures of the head. The head should move ever so slightly in time with the sacrum. This mechanism can affect mood, headache, concentration, tension, learning ability, coordination etc.

2 thoughts on “Osteopathy

  1. Could you please advise if you practice osteopathy/naturopathy as practised by Rachel Martineau 168 Carlyle Road, Ealing W5. Does your style involve specifically bone manipulation or as with Ms. Martineau muscle manipulation.

  2. Hi Jacquie,
    I do not know Rachel Martineau but can tell you that my osteopathy tends to be ‘classical’, that is to say I do direct joint manipulation when indicated. I use Kinesiology to test for the need for this, also the type of manipulation thqat might be required. I do soft tissue release techniques when appropriate.



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