DSC05022Ralph McCutcheon is founder and CEO of Balanced Health Seminars. He has practised Naturopathy, Osteopathy and Acupuncture for some forty years, adding Applied Kinesiology and Neuro Linguistic Programming in the 1980’s. He has been principal of Holywood Health Clinic since moving back to his native Northern Ireland in 1986.

Ralph has run his Balanced Health Seminars programme in France, Sardinia and the Canary Islands as well as his native Ireland. He combines aspects of various spiritual, philosophical and medical disciplines together to create unique and profoundly life enhancing experiences for all concerned. He has wide entrepreneurial, business and personal interests ranging from oil exploration through water filtration and conditioning technology to walking the hills of Donegal and sailing in Irish, Scottish and European waters.

Dr Jeffrey McTavish visits monthly to do thermal imaging. He can be contacted directly at The Windsor Clinic, phone 01903 2334490